For over a month now I have been somewhat impatiently awaiting the “arrival” of my newly re-designed website complete with the ability to blog.

That being said it’s past 2:00 am and I really should be sleeping as I know tomorrow is a busy day for me with appointments, client work and my Book Yourself Solid coaching session with a great guy I met via Twitter.

However, I am wise enough to realize that you must capture inspiration when it hits you.

I’ve been sick for the past fourteen days and I’ve found it somewhat difficult to maintain my normal high-energy state.  Today was more difficult than it has been because I couldn’t quite bring myself to do the things I knew I “really” should be doing. So I decided to catch up with some friends on Twitter and Skype.

All of the sudden, for no seemingly logical reason I was prompted to leave a recommendation on LinkedIn for a wonderful woman that I had the opportunity to “meet” through a mutual connection on Twitter. I spent some time truly deciding what I wanted to write and as I hit “send” I felt this sense of satisfaction knowing she was not expecting it and I knew she would be delighted with the amount of detail and thought I put into the recommendation.

And back to Skype I went…..a few minutes later it prompted me to Tweet: Do something wonderful and surprising for someone you appreciate today. Better yet, do it every day!

Again, back to Skype….by now I have gotten into an Excel showdown with another recent connection made through Twitter and I’m multi-tasking by chatting with another two people on Skype.

Then, again inspiration hits me for this blog post and now we have come full-circle as to why I am still up at 2:00 am.

If you are active on Twitter and a somewhat seasoned user you know how #FollowFriday (#FF) works. I’ve had some mixed feelings on this for some time now and as of tonight I have officially decided I may likely abandon #FollowFriday and use, what I feel, is a better approach instead.

It drives me somewhat “batty” to see someone send off a #FollowFriday with as many Twitter handles as they can fit into 140 without a single reason WHY someone should actually follow the people they are recommending.

If you are one of my followers and the subject of one of my #FF mentions you will see they are always specific and carefully thought out so my followers can easily see why I believe a specific individual is worthy of being followed.

Why? Because I believe in QUALITY vs. QUANTITY with my #FF mentions.

I get “stressed” sometimes knowing I overlooked taking the time to appreciate someone on Friday because they impacted me on Wed but I forgot it by the time Friday rolled it’s merry way around.

So officially – TODAY, I declare my personal rebellion against #FollowFriday – instead I commit to myself and to all of the people who impact my life that I will give them uplifting, specific words at the moment they “make a difference” to me.

Consider the personal impact YOU can make with a specific, well thought out praise in 140 characters or less. #PowerOfOne

Take a moment now to Tweet a specific and uplifting #PowerOfOne mention for one of the people that has made a difference in your life. You will feel great!