Preface Note: I’ve been connected with Mary Ruth for some time on Twitter and she recently had a guest post here on my site. She enjoys writing, which is something I admire as I personally don’t like it much! As of this writing Mary Ruth is taking on new clients.

What’s YOUR story? How did you get started? 35 years in business administration and management. Started my own business in ’07. Specializing in marketing and support for small businesses and professionals. Highly skilled as a writer and editor. Also like doing coding and tech setup online, as well as photo manipulation and graphics.

How long have you been in business? Since late 2007

Are you a solo run firm or multi-VA firm? Solo

Describe your ideal client: Solopreneur or very small business owner or professional who seeks all-round help with administration and communications, especially online. Clients should be well enough established to be able to afford an assistant. They also should be capable of stating their needs and communicating faithfully.

Five things Mary Ruth does really well:

  1. Write / copy write / edit
  2. WordPress website development
  3. Facebook tabs and community management
  4. Correspondence
  5. Business consulting

Do you do sub-contract work for other VAs? I have in the past and am willing to do so again

Connect with Mary Ruth:

  • Your Writing Virtual Assistant Website
  • Inbound Marketing Assistant Website
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn