Excel is an amazing program and as with all Microsoft Office products there are so many ways you can customize the software so that you can get maximum efficiency out of it.

By modifying your Toolbar in Excel you will be able to “one” click on the task you wish to perform (similar to clicking the Bold icon, for example).

Instructions will be for Excel 2003 – however, if you want the directions for Excel 2007 just zip me a message and I will happily provide them.

Customize your Toolbar to include one-click solutions for the tasks you do most often. For example: I frequently insert or delete rows and columns from sheets I am working in. (yes, I could right-click but I’m not a “right-clicker” type of gal!). Some of the many additional buttons on my Toolbar are:

  • Insert Row
  • Insert Column
  • Delete Row
  • Delete Column

To add any one click button to your Toolbar:

In a blank area at the top of an open Excel spreadsheet (see orange arrow) Right-Click and at the very bottom click on “Customize”.

Then go to the area which you normally find the “long” way of doing a task in Excel. In this example to Insert Rows & Columns you will click on “Insert” – then on the right hand side of the screen you will select “Insert Row” or “Insert Column.” Hold down your mouse while doing this and drag the icon to the desired spot on your toolbar.

In the screen shot below you will see the new icons for the four additional buttons I have added. (red arrows)

Although this example is for inserting/deleting rows & columns you have an amazing selection of options available to you.

Excel: Customize Toolbar

Please leave me feedback on how you have customized your own Toolbar for ease of use and increased efficiency.