There are a lot of misconceptions about entrepreneurship. One of the biggest ones I can think of is with regard to time. Many people think that since an entrepreneur might work from home, he or she has lots of extra time. That is a huge misconception. The successful entrepreneurs I know have been forced to become time management superheroes in order to fit everything into their schedules.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, entrepreneurs often have even less time to get to the gym than their friends in the corporate world. For that reason, I always enjoy writing about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time, and I know firsthand how challenging it can be to take care of ourselves while trying to juggle everything else. If something is going to slip for the day, it’s going to be something I had planned for myself.

About a month ago, I wrote The 5 Minute Workout for Workaholics and Bloggers. Today I’d like to share another fun graphic which will put a smile on your face. It was designed by Anastasia Borko for Funders and Founders, and it’s called How to be Healthy Without a Gym.

Many of the things on this chart aren’t going to get your heart rate up, so don’t think this is the ultimate workout, but still, it’s fun. Being happy goes a long way for maintaining healthiness, so from that perspective, I love this.

The next time you want to do something nice for yourself, but you don’t have time to go to the gym, do some of the things listed here. Carry your groceries like dumbbells; drink lots of water and bend all the way down to tie your shoes. They say it’s the little things we do each day that make big changes over time, and this chart is full of those. Enjoy!

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Source: Funders and Founders
Photo credit: Anastasia Borko /

This article was written by Diana Adams  and originally published on PodJam.TV Blog