Are you a time hacker? Do you get a thrill from GTD and productivity tools? If so, check out this inexpensive book, Less Doing, More Living from Ari Meisel. This book was the inspiration for this post and the associated title (I hope that’s OK with Ari).

The book is a quick and easy read (I read it in just one evening) but you’ll likely come back to re-read certain parts of it to revisit the suggestions he gives and the associated apps and software. There are a lot of great suggestions in the book, many of them free. I’ve outlined just five of them below.

5 Android Apps to Increase Your Productivity

I’ve raved about Manilla before for cloud storage of all of your banking/financial related statements so I was disappointed when they sent an email out earlier this month notifying their users they are shutting their doors. Ari’s suggestion of FileThis is an even better option. (However, there is no mobile app for Android, but that’s fine since most of the “final destinations” offered for connection – such as Dropbox and Evernote – both have their own apps and that’s how you’ll be accessing the saved PDFs anyhow).

FileThis isn’t really intended to gather your spending receipts (although they do sync up with Amazon which is handy if you do a lot of shopping there). If you’d like to have all of your receipts gathered into one spot (super handy for those who want to have things in tip top shape, should you ever be audited) then you’ll want to check out OneReceipt. They currently only have an iOS app. You can still use the service through their web interface if you have an Android.

BillGuard (available for iOS and Android) is one I’ve just recently started using. It helps you keep an eye on what you’re spending and gathers all of your charges in one spot for easy review. It also helps you prevent fraud charges on your accounts, which is so incredibly important nowdays! I wish I had this installed prior to the fraudulent Western Union charge on my checking account a few weeks ago.

HassleMe is a great app to help send yourself random, repeated reminders of things you want to get done. This is not a project management system, such as Asana. It’s probably more useful from a personal aspect vs. a business one but could be used in both scenarios. For example I set up a “reminder” to send my mom a greeting card approximately every 60 days. If you need a tool to help remind you of something on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you’d be further off using Asana or Resnooze (there is no Android app for Resnooze).

PaperKarmaLastly, I’ve been using PaperKarma to help reduce the amount of junk mail I get. It’s so incredibly easy to use – all you need to do is to scan an image of the junk mail you’ve gotten and they will take care of contacting the provider notifying them to no longer send you unsolicited mail. (Below is a screenshot that shows the first ones I scanned in) If a request fails they give you the reason why.

I write a lot about productivity and time hacks and love being made aware of other options that are out there which is one of the reasons I highly recommend Ari’s book, Less Doing, More Living. (And feel free to share some of your favorite ones in the comments below!)

Here’s to more living!


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