Most of my clients are small business owners and they frequently ask me for tips on how to grow on Twitter and ways they can use a Virtual Assistant. I’ve realized over the past several months that the combination of being a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Consultant meld perfectly with my passions.

As a Virtual Assistant I am quite passionate about Twitter because without it I would not currently have clients in seven different states.

Today I met with @LynnKoves who just took a Marketing position with Paul Davis Remodeling and Restoration. Paul Davis has three local offices and is preparing to launch their Twitter presence. (fun side note: It is because of Twitter that @LynnKoves landed the position with PDR.)

While in the meeting they asked if I felt they should be more concerned with local followers because their service area is geographically limited. Without hesitation I replied that there is really no reason to “care” where your followers live as you never know when you will be approached with a joint venture or opportunity that may not have otherwise come your way.

As I was driving home from my meeting with Paul Davis Restoration I received a phone call from John Sternal (@SternalPR) with UnderstandingMarketing. John and his wife, Chrisanne, are the creators of the weekly #smbiz chat on Twitter. This coming week’s topic is to educate small business owners how to utilize a Virtual Assistant for their business. Find out more about the #smbiz chats here.

John had done a keyword search and had discovered I am a Virtual Assistant. He invited me to be on the “expert” panel for this coming week’s chat. The chat will be on Tuesday, August 4, 2009 from 7-8 p.m CST.

This is an opportunity I quickly agreed to participate in. The other two featured experts will be @VirtualRaven and @DawnTrenee.

What excites me most about this opportunity? @SternalPR is in Flordia, I am in Wisconsin, @VirtualRaven is in Texas and @DawnTrenee is in Illinois. Together with business owners across the United States (and further?) Dawn, myself, John and Raven will bring insight and direction to small business owners that may be considering utilizing a Virtual Assistant but are not sure how to do so.

Geographical boundaries should not matter on Twitter. Regardless of the services or goods you provide, there are people across the entire world that can benefit from your knowledge. You have knowledge – share it!

You aren’t sure what Twitter Chats are and are curious how to do it? Well, this explains it.

Join us this Tuesday, August 4th at 7 p.m. CST and learn more about how a Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business.