If you are one of the 640 million people on Facebook you are well aware that features, layout and many other things have been changing at a rapid pace.

One of the more recent changes is the new personal profile layout which allows you to select five of your own photos to display in the “photo bar” at the top of your profile. ¬†Thanks to a tweet I found a handy tool that will allow you to take one photo and display that instead….see my personal Facebook photo bar below. Since I’ve had so many friends ask me how I did it, I figured it was worth a blog post.

This free tool will allow you to easily create customized Facebook banner for your personal profile.

Two tips for Creating Your Customized Facebook Banner

  • Watch the video, it makes the process much easier
  • Select a picture that will work with the narrow height allowed

Sadly there is no such option for creating custom banner for Fan Pages (at least as of the time this post is written). If you know of something that I haven’t been able to find please do share in the comments below.

Here are some other posts I’ve written that may help you with some of the other changes Facebook has made recently.

  • Add your Facebook fan page as your employer on your personal profile
  • Removing Theater View from Facebook Photos
  • Inviting all Friends to Facebook Events with a javascript command

What other things are you struggling to understand with Facebook? Let me know and if I know the answer, I’ll share.

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