Does anyone under the age of 93 really use an actual address book anymore? I don’t remember the last time I had one. However I do want an easy way to keep pertinent info about the people I care about at hand.

A bit of history. I don’t have a need for a full-fledged CRM system so I primarily use Google Contacts. I’ve found Google Contacts increasingly clunky ever since they changed it awhile back (a year or so?) and I don’t really want every birthday showing on my calendar because the calendar and my daily planner drive my working day.

My need: I want to be a better human which includes sending birthday cards and performing other random acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. I want the solution to be easy to view, sort, filter and export.

My problem: Having a cloud based system that gives me just what I need and will give me a link that I can send to my friends, family, and clients to submit their own information.

My solution: Creating a Google Form that’s integrated with a Google Spreadsheet. Voila, everything I need!

The best part is the ability to filter the results (which are in a Google Spreadsheet) by month. Then I sort those filtered results by day. Voila, I have the upcoming month’s birthdays! Once printed I have my personal assistant hand address the envelopes with the birthday written in the stamp area. This set-up makes it so easy for me to write out a card every day!

It’s like magic!

Want to get started?

Let’s get down on it! (Do you have the song in your head now?)

And, if it helps, the list of fields I have on my contact form is below or you can view my live form here.

(TIP: keep month and day separate so the filtering and sorting work as described above)

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Birth month (tip: set up as a dropdown box)
  • Birth day (tip: set up as a dropdown box)

How much easier can it get to create a free online address book?

PS: You can use Google Forms for so much more! Have fun and play with it!