This is a guest post from Valerie Alba, owner of Valerie L. Alba Virtual Assistance LLC (aka VLA – Super V.A.). Valerie provides a range of consulting, secretarial, and administrative tasks for small business owners and entrepreneurs.? VLA – Super V.A. assists with correspondence management (letters, email, reports, presentations), social media networking, customer relationship management (Infusionsoft CRM), email marketing (newsletters content and creation), website updates, research, and transcription. Industry experience includes Coaches, Medical, Construction, Real Estate and Legal.

Conversion Tools

Everyone loves to get something for nothing. Especially VA’s. Part of a VA’s job is document management and that includes working with Word, Excel and JPG documents. It is often required of us to send documents in PDF format for security and protection purposes and most PDF software programs are very expensive. Luckily for us, the following three programs offer free, quick and easy, one-stop solutions.


With, all you need to do is select the file you wish to convert, enter your email address and convert the file. You will get the document sent via email. With, you can convert PDF to XLS, PDF to PPT, PDF to Word, or create a PDF. It’s quick, easy and free!


The site also offers articles, guides, and tips and tricks.

2. is just as quick to us as but the site interface is a little busier.

1. Select the desired JPG


2. Upload JPG
image0033. Convert to PDF

image004When you document is ready you have the option to either View PDF or Download PDF


Once you have viewed, if it’s not perfect, you can change the settings (size or page orientation) try again. also supports the American Red Cross Vaccination program by sponsoring a vaccination for every 5,000 JPG to PDF conversion. This is comparable to approximately 1-3 vaccinations a day.

Using program is quick, easy, and free and you can save a child’s life at the same time. It doesn’t get any better than that. So, convert away!


PDFtoWord by Nitro is similar to You select the PDF to convert, enter your email, (confirm you are human) and convert. Your converted document will be sent to you via an email attachment.


Nitro also has a Pro version (use to batch convert larger collections of files) and other free tools like Nitro Reader, Word to PDF ad PDF to Excel.

If you have the need to Extract, Merge or Combine PDF documents, check out this great blog post with free online conversion tools by V3.

*Bonus conversion link: Transfer iPod to iTunes and Computer, or copy iPhone to iTunes library.

I have personally used all three of the above conversion tools and I highly recommend any and all.

Do you have a utility belt tool or  tip you’d like to share?  Please leave it in the comments below.

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