Combining two different cells in Excel to have all info in one cell

This Excel formula is really handy, especially if you have a first and last name in two different cells and want to combine them into just one cell so instead of:

  • Column A=First Name
  • Column B=Last Name
  • You will now have Column C=First name and last name

Once you are finished with the “merge” (not a true merge by Excel standards). You will most likely want to delete your original columns but need to have that data as constant data instead of formulated data.

Video Tutorial:

How to combine your data from two different cells into one:

  • In a blank column enter in the following formula: A2&” “&B2 (This is presuming your data is starting in Row 2)
  • **NOTE** there is a space between the “quote marks” in the formula above
  • Copy this formula down into all other applicable cells
  • You are finished!

Okay, want to make that data constant so you can delete your original columns (in this case Column A & B)?

  • Make sure you have a blank column to put the data
  • Highlight the entire column with the combined data>Copy
  • Move to appropriate blank cell in the new, blank column you just inserted
  • Right Click and Chose “Paste Special” >then chose “Values”

When you delete Columns A&B you will see the data in Column D (in this example) is still intact.