Sometimes I’m still amazed by all of the great, free cloud-based tools that are available to business owners. One of my bookkeeping clients recently referred to me on Facebook as his “waste manager” because I love to find tools and resources that are free solutions for some of the tasks needed in the daily course of business.

cometdocs was recently brought to my attention as a free document management system that enables you to convert, transfer, host and store your documents online. It’s one tool I will be adding to my 17 Resources for the Bootstrapping Business.

You can do all of the following with cometdocs:

  • Safely store their documents and other files online
  • Convert them between popular document formats (HTML, PDF, Word, AutoCAD, XPS, etc.)
  • Share them anonymously or publicly without intrusive ads
  • Transfer large files to others via email

I tested out the file conversion system with these file conversions (this is by no means all of the options available):

  • Excel to PDF
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to Word
  • PowerPoint to PDF
  • JPG to PDF

The Excel to PDF conversion worked beautifully (though it will not convert each worksheet within a workbook but I also didn’t expect that it would)

PDF to Excel worked well except all of my pretty formatting (images, etc.) did not transfer over – however, in most instances, I imagine we would be converting from PDF to Excel for primarily the data, not the images, etc.

PDF to Word and PowerPoint to PDF also converted flawlessly, including all of my pretty formatting

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the JPG to PDF turned a rather small image into a great looking, full 8.5×11 page.

For those who use TransferBigFiles for large file transfer, via email, you will find cometdocs operates in the exact same way.

While I’m not sure I would personally use cometdocs for file storage (I already have Dropbox and Google Drive) it does look easy to use.

Stop by and check them out and share with us in the comments what features you will use most.