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When I started working with Coach Charlie in December 2012 I was already painfully aware I had run out of hours I could sell to clients and it became apparent I need to do more passive income building. I’ve shied away from it because Affiliate Marketing sometimes gets a bad rap due to those who create and sell crappy products.

Done selectively it can be a great way to increase your income with relatively little effort. There are some tools, such as Dropbox or Zapier which reward their affiliates/partners with freebies, such as more Dropbox space or more Zapier zaps, by referring others to them. This particular method won’t earn you money but it can save you money if you are already using their service.

The easiest and most authentic way to determine what programs, products, software programs, etc. you want to promote are those you purchase yourself. As you use them you will be able to determine if they are worth what you spent. If you feel they are worth the investment then you’ll have no problem in being an evangelist.

**NOTE: Be sure to disclose affiliate links to remain FTC compliant.

Here are some of the affiliate programs I’ve been part of over the years and wholeheartedly stand behind because I’ve used (or still use) their products. These are ones you may want to look into. I’m sharing this list with you as a resource of programs that are out there you may want to consider joining too.

  • Dropbox: cloud file storage, easily share large files
  • Zapier: an easy way to automate tasks between web apps
  • Hootsuite: for managing social media accounts
  • AWeber: newsletters and RSS to email
  • MailChimp: newsletters and RSS to email
  • Constant Contact: newsletters
  • Freshbooks: time keeping, invoicing and more
  • MyTextExpander: recall most used phrases quickly
  • CometDocs: a free, cloud based file conversion tool
  • HelloSign: sign documents quickly and easily

 Classes I’ve taken or products I’ve worked with:

Aside from affiliate marketing you can build a passive income stream by creating and selling products. The Internet has empowered us to easily create, produce and sell our knowledge. This isn’t an area I’ve really delved into so I have no first hand “advice” to share. A good person to consult with would be Tess Strand, founder of Virtual Assistant Forums on product creation and Janine Gregor with Your Virtual Wizard for promotion.

While you won’t get rich from any of the affiliate programs I mention above, we all know that every little bit counts. With a bit of creativity, research and honest evaluation you’ll be able to start building your passive income streams now. Hopefully the list above helps since I’ve done the “vetting” for you.

Share passive income ideas and resources you’re aware of in the comments below.