One of the most common things we’ve heard from small business owners is that they aren’t sure how things are with the bookkeeping. There are some who believe everything is fine…and there are others who have a nagging sense that things aren’t quite right.

(Drum roll please!)

We’re excited to announce a free guide we’ve put together for any small business owner who is interested in doing a bookkeeping check-up. This will help whether you want to check the work you did yourself or what you hired a paid bookkeeper to do (As much as it pains me, please don’t assume a paid bookkeeper doesn’t ever muck things up!)

This free guide is for both the Fact Checker (it’s always good to check things when it comes to the IRS!) and the Doubting Thomas (hey, skepticism can help you save money). So no matter which nickname suits you best, you need this guide for your own peace of mind!

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The included exercises will either confirm that all appears fine, or they will alert you that something is amiss so you can take steps to rectify any problems before filing your next tax return. Basically, this is a win-win scenario!

Grab your free guide today! 

PS: If you already know you need a more in-depth audit, you can purchase our Deep Dive 25 right now!

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