A few years ago I did a post series for Website in a Weekend. The series was designed for busy, small business owners who had wanted more information on hiring a Virtual Assistant to help them with various aspects of blogging.

If you’re a Virtual Assistant these posts can give you some brain fodder for services you could offer. If you are a business owner these posts can give you some insight on blogging tasks a Virtual Assistant could assist with on a regular basis.

  1. Review blog posts for visual appearance, ease of understanding and error free
  2. Find blog posts photos or videos
  3. Properly optimize blog post SEO
  4. Social media distribution of blog posts
  5. Blog directory submission
  6. On topic blog commenting
  7. Build backlinks
  8. Social bookmarking for blog posts

And, if you’re interested on the potential results of guest blogging, check out this case study from Dave’s site.

If you are a DIY person you will LOVE Dave’s site. His website has a plethora of posts from easy to hard-core technical. (and he has this really handy Blog Post Engineering Package that is worth every penny!)

Photo Credit: Photoxpress user Scott Maxwell