This post is Part Four in my quest to defeat The Bossy Inbox and to take control of my days. ***

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” ~ Yogi Berra

About a year ago, I created a digital daily planner because I was having a really hard time getting typical planners to fit my day, and the ones I looked at didn’t allow me to edit the document.  Essentially, I was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  (Cliché, I know!)

I have continued to tweak things so the planners leverage my available bandwidth. I’m happy to be able to offer this improved planner to my readers. Purchase now and you’ll be on your way to streamlined planning in less than 15 minutes!

If you’re not excited about that, consider how long planning usually takes you now. If it’s any more than 15 minutes, start thinking about what you could do with your newfound free time once you get this digital planner. That could be a lot of time to work on other projects…or go on another coffee run…or binge watch a show. You get the point!

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Here are just some of the features of this fully customizable digital planner:

  • 30-minute time slots
  • 90-minute working blocks followed by a 30-minute break (which can also serve as a much-needed buffer when work takes longer than the scheduled time)
  • The hours “worked” will automatically calculate from your entered starting and ending times
  • Calculation to determine the billable percentage of your day
  • Areas to track goals, on-deck, and more
  • Two fun emojis that you can copy and paste. Because sometimes shit happens.
  • Weekly overview and tracking (hours worked, percentage of billable time, estimated revenue earnings and more)
  • Monthly projections (automatically updates the dates and corresponding day of the week, over/short for needed hours and more)

The best thing about this planner is the flexibility it gives you to make it 100% YOURS. Everything! The colors. The time slots. The reminder and goal tracking areas. All of it. Change your mind about something? Don’t worry. It’s incredibly easy to make changes.

I personally create mine in two-month intervals (Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, etc.) with the most current version bookmarked in Chrome so it’s easy to access. It’s basically the first thing I look at every morning and the last thing I look at when ending my day.

The video below gives an overview of the daily planning sheet. And video tours for the weekly and monthly tabs are included with your purchase.


But wait…are you a hard copy planner die-hard? I get it. Sometimes the digital version just can’t replace certain characteristics of the traditional format. So here are some good ol’ hard copy options to consider:

Next week I’ll be explaining why, after eight years in business, I opted to start tracking every minute I spend at my desk. Here’s a hint: It’s not just for the fun of it, though it has been very interesting to see how long everything actually takes (longer than I thought!).

***Why did I start with Part Four instead of Part One? Because. I can. OK, joking aside. I started with Part Four because I recognize there are readers who have an immediate need to get a planning solution in place.  It doesn’t have to be a linear process.