If you blog a lot like I do, you probably have a certain time of the day or night when you prefer to write. For me, it’s early in the morning. I get up very early, and that’s usually the time of day that I can be the most productive with my writing.

However, that’s not the time of day when I come up with my blogging topics. I usually get those ideas throughout the day at random times, and I write them down immediately. You probably have your own method to the madness that works well for you.

There’s always room for improvement though, and when I saw this infographic by Quick Sprout, I thought it was worth sharing. According to the references at the bottom of the infographic, there is a scientifically proven best time to think and write creatively.

As you might expect, the best time for you to think and write creatively depends a lot on whether you are a morning or night person. I’m a morning person, so it makes sense that my energy is the highest in the morning, which means I can be more efficient with my writing then.

This goes back to something I’ve written about before, and that is, life becomes easier when you try to manage your energy instead of your time. Pay attention to your body to determine when your energy is the highest and the lowest. Then shift your to-do list accordingly. Once I started doing that a few years ago, I suddenly discovered I could get twice as much done in a day as before. It’s a little body-hack sprinkled with strategy, and it works well.

There is one thing I disagree about on this infographic. I don’t like the idea of writing during one time of day and editing during another time of day. I prefer to sit down and complete the blogging task from start to finish in one sitting. In a perfect world, I might divide up those tasks, but I’m too busy for that. I don’t have time to revisit the same post later in the day to do the editing.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to know how you incorporate your blogging into your day. I wrote a similar article recently that might also interest you. If you’d like to read it, just click over to How to Create and Keep a Consistent Blogging Schedule.

Source: Design Taxi

This article was written by Diana Adams and originally published on PodJam.tv Blog.