One of the reasons I became a virtual assistant back in late 2008 is because I wanted to have a source of income that would not tie me down to any one particular place. My long term plans have always been to start traveling the world once my son graduated from high school. Being a virtual assistant is well-suited to travel because all I really need is reliable, fast internet-service and access to a printer.

While I was in Wisconsin this summer I got together with my friend, Tommy Clifford, and we had a chat about his son attending Business World at St. Norbert’s College. Coincidentally I also attended Business World back in the mid-90s.

During this conversation with Tommy I shared what sparked my own entrepreneurial spirit. It was a fun trip down memory lane and just goes to show that anything can really be a source of inspiration.

I’m passionate about helping others become entrepreneurs and encourage you to check out this six week online course if you’re interested in becoming a virtual assistant.