How to Automate Social Media

This post isn’t intended to get into the pros and cons of automating social media. Do a simple Google search if you want to open that Pandora’s box. Everyone has an opinion on why you should or shouldn’t! All joking aside, please do make sure you fully understand the pros and cons of social media automation before “just doing it”.

Personally I’m not a big fan, however there are times when it is a good fit (such as sharing my own blog posts when they go live). What I automate is done with the freebie version of offers automated postings to a variety of social media networks. This particular video shows how to set up an RSS feed to automatically post on Twitter.

Of course, be sure to review the set-up options (and networks). This video is only a brief overview of the features and options that are available. Be sure to review the published posts (after set-up) to assure everything is behaving as desired.

My favorite feature is the ability to have the post photo attached to the published post. (NOTE: There are more photo options for other social networks than what is shown for Twitter)