Many people are unaware of this really, really cool thing called Twitter Chats. Basically they are organized chats at a designated date and time. While I have been unable to locate a comprehensive list of chats that currently exist on Twitter I have found one decent resource.

Why do I love these chats? It allows me to connect with more like-minded people that are interested in the same things that I am.

How do you do it?

Find a chat you are interested in participating in.

Using TweetChat or TweetGrid enter the hashtag you want to follow (determined by what chat you are participating in).

There are many options available for participating in the chats, personally I love TweetChat best because it also has a pause button (just don’t forget to un-pause!). TweetChat will also automatically add the hashtag to your Tweet so that you don’t have to type it manually.

Watch the questions asked by the moderator. Then jump into the conversation!

Here is the list I found. (this post also includes additional tools you can use to participate in the chats)

If you know of additional resources to find Twitter Chats please comment below and include the link.