Oh the age old question – are you going to do that all by yourself?

Why is it that people seem to be surprised when you decide to take on something “all by yourself”?

Is it because:

  1. They don’t think you have the skills necessary to pull it off successfully?
  2. Are they really complimenting you – surprised that you would take on the task?
  3. Maybe they are envious because they believe they would not be able to do the same thing?
  4. Or maybe…maybe it’s because they think your time is better spent elsewhere?

All of these are possible reasons as to the “shock” some people seem to experience when I say I’m going to try something I’ve never done before (yep, even heard some of these when I went skydiving).

As a Virtual Assistant I typically tell business owners to outsource what they are not good at or what they do not enjoy doing. Does it appear I am going against my own advice? Not really…

This past week I decided to change the theme on my site to Thesis because the previous theme on my site had serious limitations for specific things I wanted to accomplish with my site.

I’ll admit – I don’t know a darn thing about CSS (yet) and though I know how to do a lot of things in WordPress I’ve never built a site from scratch (again, yet). However, for me….to venture out – on my own – all by myself – has huge rewards in this particular instance.

  • I get really giddy when I figure out something that I didn’t know 14 minutes ago
  • I really do like working with WordPress and learning more about it
  • knowing I am increasing my skill set and eventually I will feel comfortable adding more of this type of work to my ever-expanding list of services offered as a Virtual Assistant
  • In addition to being able to my list of services I will also have the ability to assist other VA’s who need help for their clients’ sites

So this past Friday I made the move and switched my theme to Thesis. What I didn’t know is just how many hours I would spend trying to figure out all the different customization options available. After at least 10 hours of work on my site, I still have a ways to go. So…bear with me as I get this site to where I want it to be! A new header will be coming compliments of Jess Gonacha – a very talented and creative designer.

What are your reasons for “doing that all by yourself”?