Are Virtual Assistant Services Expensive?


Good question! It’s one that I’m often asked both on Twitter and when explaining the concept of a Virtual Assistant to local business owners (it’s still not very popular or well-known where I live).

First let’s review…

How Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Save You Money

  • Only utilize services when needed (no need in having an employee that’s not kept busy)
  • No Workman’s Comp, Health Insurance or Payroll Taxes to pay
  • No Benefits – e.g. vacation time or sick days
  • You are not paying for coffee/water cooler breaks
  • No overhead items to pay for such as office space, equipment, parking, etc.
  • If it doesn’t work out you will never be subject to an Unemployment Claim

Back to the question at hand…

How much do Virtual Assistant Services cost?

From my research I have found that pricing for Virtual Assistant Services ranges between $15/hr to $85/hr.

Each Virtual Assistant has the ability to set their own price and do so based on a number of different factors:

  • How long we’ve been in business
  • Previous work experience and positions held at prior companies
  • Specialized training/certifications
  • Demand/Current number of clients
  • What others are charging for similar services
  • Cost of Living for where we reside

Why such a huge variance in the cost of Virtual Assistant Services?

On the low-end: It can be an indication that the Virtual Assistant is a newer business owner and therefore undervalues herself. It can also be an indication that there is some desperation to pay the bills and therefore she believes that by having a lower price she will attract more clients.

On the high-end: It could be that she has more specialized skills, more clients (demands on her time) as well it’s possible she’s mis-classified herself as a Virtual Assistant when she’s really more of a consultant.

At the end of the day – we all have different reasons why we chose the pricing that we do and cheaper is NOT always better.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

It’s always best to hire a Virtual Assistant based on what you need and what the person excels at. If you have narrowed it down to just a few candidates you can also decide who you like best by giving each of them the exact same task. Initially it will cost you a bit more upfront but there can be significant differences in how quickly the task is completed, communication styles and actual completion of the task.

When you decide it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant refer to this free “Checklist for Hiring a Virtual Assistant” download.