roundupYes, I’m shakin’ it up a little bit!

I read a great blog listing 10 Reasons You Should Do a Weekly Recap on Your Blog.

For all the reason he mentions I am going to start doing this and with the Instant Weekly RoundUp WordPress plug-in he shared this will be super, duper easy to do.

This weekly post will be the one post you will not want to miss as I have some exciting content coming out in the next few weeks (and I really hope to keep up the momentum I’ve been building on my blog).

I’ll probably do the post on Wednesdays so my email subscribers get it on Thursday. Who wants extra emails on a Monday? Certainly not me!

If you don’t want to sign up to the RSS feed you can also sign up on my sidebar to have it delivered as just one email via Aweber every week.

Now it’s time for your feedback – are you currently doing a Weekly RoundUp?