Affiliate Marketing…why the stigma?

Recently I read an article that stated soon we will be required to disclose affiliate accounts and links which caused me to ponder why some people are so distrustful of affiliate marketing. In my  opinion the skepticism must partially come from not fully understanding what affiliate marketing is in its truest sense.

Is it possible that some people look at affiliate marketing as some type of MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme?

At the core affiliate marketing is simply a type of partnership or referral agreement in which one person rewards the other person, in the form of financial return, for sharing their products and services with others:

  • As a business owner with services and products leveraging other people to promote and sell your services and rewarding them with a piece of your financial pie from the sale
  • As an affiliate marketer you find and partner with people who you trust and believe in and when you make a sale from promoting or referrals they (the business owner) gives you a portion of the proceeds from the sales

In my opinion you should only partner as an affiliate on products and services you truly believe in and preferably use yourself.

Affiliate marketing is truly a win-win for all parties involved:

  • The business owner makes a sale that maybe they would  have not made otherwise
  • The affiliate earns passive income for their efforts
  • The buyer of product/service has what they need or want (and quite became aware of the solution in a way they may not have otherwise)

As far as disclosing your affiliations – in my opinion, if you trust and believe in what you are promoting, why should there be an issue with the disclosure?

What are your thoughts as to why people seem so distrustful of affiliate marketing? What programs are you affiliated with and why?

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