How to add a ReTweet button to your email newsletters

Recently I did a post on how to add Twitter and other social media icons to your email signature. When that post hit Twitter one of my followers asked me if there was a way to at a ReTweet button to her newsletters. Interesting question as I’ve seen it on Copyblogger’s so I set off to find out how to do it.

The first thing you want to do is head over to the ReTweet Meme help page on email buttons. They have a lot of different options available and I chose to add the RT button that allows it to be retweeted from a certain source (in my case my Twitter name @mmangen)

Make sure to replace both <url> spots with the desired URL and change the <source> to your Twitter name without the @ sign – e.g. mmangen

Now all you have to do is add this HTML code into whatever newsletter service you are using (in my case: Aweber) and be sure to test the functionality of it by sending a test message to yourself.

Tips for this:

  • You may have to play with the code a little bit (in my case I had to add </div></div> after the code listed in order for it to work
  • In most scenarios that I tried if the button showed a question mark that meant something was incorrect in the code
  • Although Aweber gives a unique URL for each newsletter if that URL is inserted into the code when your reader goes to RT the article it is only going to show the Mailer XXXXX that is assigned by Aweber – not a very pretty or easy to understand format when someone goes to ReTweet your newsletter
<a href="<url>&service=<service>&source=<source>"><img src="<url>" height="61" width="51" /></a>

A huge thanks going out to @pattyfarmer who is a Dallas, TX based Mortgage Specialist who is dedicated to finding the best loan program for you. Connect with Patty on Twitter – she’s a great woman and the inspiration behind this blog post.