Update March 10, 2011: Due to Facebook changes the Static FBML app is no longer available so the instructions below will not work. Please visit this post on V3 Integrated Marketing’s site to get other free Static FBML alternatives.

If you have a sign up form on your website to capture names and have a Fan Page bring them together!

I use Aweber so these instructions are written on how to add an Aweber form to your Fan Page. I am sure that any newsletter program will work as long as you can get the form code in HTML. (not JavaScript)

Written instructions on how to add a newsletter form onto your Fan Page:

  • Create your desired form in Aweber and then go to edit your Fan Page.
  • Use the Static FBML application (if you already have Static FBML installed you will need to add a new FBML box)
  • Paste the HTML code into the FMBL box and save.
  • Go back to view your Fan Page and you should see the form under the “Boxes” tab at the top.
  • Click the pencil icon and select “Move to the Wall”

You are done! I would imagine you could also add this form to your customized landing page, if you have one.

P.S. I’m not sure how other newsletter services work but with Aweber you can clearly see the exact URL from where the person signed up from. So you will easily be able to track who is signing up to your newsletter from Facebook vs. your regular website