Those of you who have been with my blog for some time know just how much I love to share free or low-cost solutions for business owners.

I’ve been dying to share this resource with you but have waiting for a client of mine to do his own post since he was the one who turned me onto it in the summer of 2012.

There are small business owners who need a merchant services solution so they can accept credit cards but without the crazy fees that many companies charge, including the annual compliance fee. Many of us, myself included, are unable to accept American Express.

Jason’s post goes into great detail regarding his cost savings so I won’t cover that here. Rather I’m going to do a brief overview of the benefits I’ve seen since using Stripe with Jason and another bookkeeping client.

Benefits of Stripe:

  • Easy to use from the bookkeeping aspect – you can filter data in any manner you’d like and export those results. I typically run a monthly report and export those results to Excel to help with monthly bank reconciliations. Since the funds are deposited into a bank account less their fees I record the fees the same way I would with Paypal.
  • Stripe allows you to have your own “payment page” where clients can enter their own credit card details
  • It’s incredibly easy to issue a refund or to put a credit on a customer’s account
  • Manual entry of payments is also incredibly easy
  • Stripe allows you to set up recurring payments (think subscription/recurring payments you may set up with Paypal’s buttons)

Stripe offers the small business owner an inexpensive way to accept credit card payments, it’s a great alternative for those who don’t want to be tied to Paypal and it’s so incredibly easy to use from a bookkeeping aspect. Couple all of these benefits with the cost savings listed in Jason’s post and it’s a win-win for everyone!

If you’re interested in getting Stripe set up for your own business you can hire Jason (HTMLgraphic Designs). Directly from his post: If you’re interested in having this payment solution setup for your business sign up here. There is a one-time setup of $299.95 and a monthly support charge of $4.95 to answer any questions via email as needed.

The payment form can be customized with your logo are header information. Another important feature to note with this payment form is that it resizes to fit the screen size viewing the page. As mobile devices continue to grow there is a higher likelihood that someone might be paying you via their cell phone. You want this experience to be as painless as possible even on a small screen.

Photo credit: Photoxpress user: elke peterson