Today I had the honor of doing a consultation with an amazing fellow on Twitter regarding my Bookkeeping services using QuickBooks.

We had been somewhat “informally” introduced about a month ago as we were both guests on @LauraKennedy’s tribute series on Virtual Assistants. During the month of April I sent out a number of Tweets promoting Laura’s show and always mentioned who the guests were on the upcoming show. However, other than that he and I have never truly “connected” on Twitter.

“Out of the blue” I received a DM from this gentleman last week indicating he would like to speak with me regarding my services. I responded and said I would love to chat with him and we set an appointment to chat on the phone. During the initial email he pointed out that he currently works with another Virtual Assistant for his bookkeeping needs.

I was somewhat intrigued as to why he was contacting me but decided to wait until we were on the phone to see what transpired.

During today’s call regarding QuickBooks and Bookkeeping he casually mentioned that although he has a service right now he’s thinking of switching because, “Well, I’m not really sure why I’m looking elsewhere. I guess it’s because they are not pro-active enough and maybe the chemistry just isn’t there.”

Upon finishing the call I immediately emailed Laura to let her know what he had said and indicated I felt that had to be “digested”.

Laura pointed out the seemingly obvious to me that it happens all the time, not only in Brick and Mortar businesses but also in Virtual / Internet Businesses.

It took me back to my days as a Manager and the “arguments” I would have with the owners of the company regarding, what I felt, were inadequate team members. I used to be quite insistent with my Bosses that I felt a bad fit between an employee and the company was more damaging to both parties than it was to have a position vacant.

How does that equate in the virtual world? Why do business owners tolerate services that do not fill their needs rather than begin the hunt for a more suitable fit?

I told Laura I was determined to find the root cause of this and I was going to put together a survey to find out why small business owners are reluctant to take that first step to find their perfect Virtual Assistant match!

Lucky for me allows you to create a 10 question survey for free. You can find the survey here

Please fill out my survey and leave your comments below to give me your opinion as to why we, as business owners are so reluctant to get rid of what is not really working for us and finding that perfect match.

I will share more over the next few weeks as I collect responses to the survey and further analyze the data received.