Helping Hands ConceptAnyone living in the 21st century has likely said they just don’t have enough time to do all they want to do. Other variations include wanting to “clone ourselves”, wanting a sister-wife, nanny or an on-call personal assistant. At the end of the day, we can all use a set of helping hands (even if we’re not an entrepreneur). Are you not sure what tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant?

Fancy Hands can be a good “starter point” for those who are thinking about hiring a virtual assistant because it’s low-risk and you quickly learn when your written instructions are vague and need to be fleshed out more.


  • Fancy Hands is a United States-based organization so you will be working with a US-based person.
  • You will not have a dedicated virtual assistant but often their team can complete tasks faster than a dedicated virtual assistant possibly could.

I was initially a bit reluctant to utilize Fancy Hands because I couldn’t quite figure out what types of tasks I could or even should give them. However, once I did start using them I became more aware of opportunities to delegate. I often joke that I delegate a lot of my “life crap”. “Life crap” is the stuff that needs to be done but we don’t really need to do it ourselves.

The list below is broken into three categories (social media, general admin, and research). By no means is this list all-inclusive. Hopefully, my lists will spark some ideas on how you can better leverage your time.

Social Media/Blogging:

  • Schedule content into BufferApp
  • Grab blog URLs and add to an Excel/Google Spreadsheet
  • Add Twitter user URLs (from a list) into an Excel/Google Spreadsheet
  • Obtain website URLs from Feedly account
  • Find new content sources (blogs) for social media
  • Add blogs into Feedly account and categorize
  • Find stock images for blog posts (add to lightbox)

General Admin:

  • Move document onto new letterhead
  • Clean up Excel document and identify differences in the two columns
  • Clean up Excel document so names and emails are not in the same cell
  • Type info from PDF into Excel
  • Convert PDF into a fillable form
  • Create fillable PDF from Word document
  • Type info from scanned, handwritten notes into a Google Doc
  • Rename files in Dropbox
  • Add appointments into Google Calendar (e.g. dance lessons, water delivery, travel dates)
  • Separate (as separate files) each page of a PDF
  • Copy/paste content from Excel
  • Create Google Spreadsheet and add defined information into it
  • Resize files to smaller size
  • Delete lines from Excel sheet
  • Download resumes and change filenames on each file
  • Combine multiple Word files into one Word file
  • Add Names/Address to Excel sheet
  • Update Google Spreadsheet with all books published by a specific author
  • Cancel magazine subscriptions
  • Find eBay listings for specific items
  • Obtain quotes for tux rental
  • Schedule appointment for tux fitting
  • Call shoe repair places to get quotes and hours of operation
  • Make dinner reservations/schedule appointments
  • Add fitness class types and associated times at the local gym into a Google Spreadsheet


  • Demographic data
  • Local businesses (e.g. auto parts store, restaurants with gluten-free options)
  • Inexpensive or free inventory management software
  • State specific URLs to register a new employer
  • Best rated small SUVs
  • Online testing options for Microsoft Excel
  • Tools to send text alerts when a new item is published on an RSS feed
  • Specific companies information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Video conferencing tools/software and pricing
  • Company email procedure examples
  • Flight, hotel or car rental prices
  • Internet Service Providers for a specific city
  • Best pricing for remote airport parking
  • If a specific company has an affiliate/partner account and how to apply
  • Research and compile comparison on web hosting providers
  • Obtain phone numbers or emails people within an organization
  • Quotes for car detailing
  • Recent articles on a specific subject
  • Statistics on a specific subject
  • Online companies who e-file 1099-MISC
  • Virtual Assistants or other service providers who offer a specific service (e.g. bookkeeping)
  • Software/tools to collect tweets
  • How to post job openings on college websites
  • Phone apps that serve specific functions (e.g. best music apps for Android)
  • YouTube video tutorials for a specific subject
  • Best pricing/comparison pricing for items
  • Unique gift items on Etsy
  • Find five vegetarian recipes for Halloween themed snacks

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What other ideas have come to mind as you were reading this list? Or if you already use Fancy Hands what types of tasks have you assigned and delegated?