On Wednesday I attended the Social Media Rock Star event in Green Bay. By far my favorite class was the one taught by Todd Lohenry, the reformed German teacher and #1 Twitter in Algoma, WI (admittedly there are only 8 people from Algoma on Twitter).

Aside from being really funny he was hurling out so many good tips on how to make blogging quicker and more efficient that I quit Tweeting for #smrockgb and started an email to myself with all the things I wanted to look into when I got home.

  1. If you use Google Reader to get ideas and inspiration for your own blog posts then you want to get through the content as quick as possible. Use these GOOGLE READER SHORTCUTS (I just copied the information from Google’s FAQ into a document so you can easily save this PDF on your own machine)
  2. Feedly allows you to put your RSS feeds into a magazine type format (I love the Feedly FireFox Add-On for tweeting articles quickly – if you don’t have this one, do it now….you will thank me for the time it saves you in Tweeting)
  3. ScribeFire FireFox Add-On – hey, I’m using it now for the first time – it allows you to write posts without going into the backend of your WordPress
  4. Zemanta FireFox Add-On – couple this with #3 and you have the absolute coolness of having Zemanta pick up related articles, YouTube videos, etc. and incorporate them into your post (just look at the bottom of mine). It also allows you to find images to insert and will always give credit where credit is due!
  5. Zemanta WordPress Plugin – helps with tagging your post

I can’t tell you how to use all of them yet…but a future post will give more insight as I get more familiar and comfortable with them myself.

(though I will say that I hope I can find a way to default the posts to open all links in new windows….I know who I will ask!)

Gasp…you missed Be a Social Media Rockstar event in Green Bay? Hop over to this post and read more about it.

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