By now, we all know that sitting too much during our lives can affect our health in a negative way. It’s been drilled into our heads over and over. If you are a workaholic or a committed blogger, it becomes a huge challenge to avoid sitting too much. After all, you need your computer to finish your projects and blog posts. Typing on your computer usually requires sitting in a chair for multiple hours at a time, and therein lies the problem.

One way to solve this challenge is to get a ‘standing up desk,’ which is becoming more and more popular. In addition to standing up during day, some people add the additional feature of a treadmill into the desk so they constantly walking at a very slow pace. Dr. Joseph Stirt, who is the daily blogger at Book of Joe, has been slowly walking on a treadmill-style desk for years. He even writes all of his blog posts while standing.

If you aren’t quite ready to convert your entire lifestyle to standing up instead of sitting down, there is another option. If workaholics and bloggers can somehow incorporate an exercise routine into their daily schedules, it can make a big difference. It has to be practical so it lasts long term, so no 2 hour gym appointments in the middle of the day will work.

What if you could do your stretches, your cardio and your other exercises right from your desk? If that sounds good to you, this infographic called The 5 Minute Office Workout by Lloyds Pharmacy and NeoMam Studios is just what the doctor ordered. If you click over on the Lloyds Pharmacy link, you’ll see the long list of sources used to compile this infographic. Although the infographic itself looks pretty simple, there’s a lot of thought that went into this one.

5 Minute Workout Infographic

If you still aren’t convinced about the dangers of sitting too much, I suggest you click over to this Washington Post article called The Health Hazards of Sitting. It has a depressing picture of an unhealthy person with poor posture sitting in a chair typing on the computer. I don’t want to be one of those people who lives and dies at my computer.

I workout often, but I don’t think that’s enough to counteract the negative effects that come from sitting at the computer as much as I do. To all the workaholics, committed bloggers and anyone else who sits a lot like me – let’s get moving more!


Article was written by Diana Adams and originally published on PodJam.TV blog.