The new Twitter ReTweet feature SUCKS…and here’s why

I really wanted to use the word “hate” but my dad would never allow us to say that word (and if we did, boy oh boy!) so I’ve resigned myself to a slightly less mean word. I know, you don’t normally hear anything like this out of my mouth. But this time, I really think it fits. If I’ve offended you…stop. Watch the video. Read the rest of the post and chime in with your comment.

Now for my opinionated post….

Four Reasons Why Twitter’s New ReTweet Feature Sucks:

  1. Although very quick and easy to do (absolutely great in concept, aren’t we all looking for ways to save time on Twitter?) the RT no longer shows up as a @ mention
  2. I’m one of those people who has to thank each and every person who ReTweets me (I’m all about showing appreciation and gratitude for what others do for me) with the ReTweets no longer showing in the traditional format of: RT @ShellyKramer Social Media Brand Engagement Report – ENGAGEMENT and not seeing it in my mentions now all of the sudden I’m not thanking people who are taking their time to share my tweets with their followers.
  3. There is, however, a place to find them….on the web interface and to my knowledge there is no software/application for Twitter that shows them other than the web.
  4. Once on the web interface there is no easy way to thank the person who did the RT – it is much more time consuming to thank the person doing the ReTweet

Although very easy and quick to ReTweet using the new feature…..for me it sucks. Why? Mainly because I use TwInbox and TweetMiner and if I don’t see the RT @mmangen – it’s likely I’ll never send a “Thank You”.

That being said…if you’ve ReTweeted me with the new feature and I haven’t thanked you….that’s why. I do, as always totally appreciate your ReTweets.

The better option outlined in the video (IMHO) is with the FireFox Add-On:

  • Download this GreaseMonkey FireFox Add-On (re-start your browser after installation and before installing the next option)
  • Download this ReTweet Script
  • Now you have a one-click RT option that adds in the traditional “RT @stacykinney 6 essential criteria used to evaluate a company, product and comp plan” that we are all accustomed to seeing!

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s new ReTweet button? Like It or Hate It?