education conceptWhew! I have never been so glad to see a month end. Not solely because that means I’m done with the last 31 days of blog posts but also because January is always my busiest month with the mad rush of bookkeeping to finish for clients so I can prepare and mail their 1099-MISC forms.

This 31 day series was an idea that resulted from the ProBlogger session I attended at WDS in July 2013. It was a way to share knowledge with those who may be considering becoming a virtual assistant or who are relatively new.

I am always the first to say that I’m not a writer. I’m a numbers person so for me to carry through on something that required so much writing was quite the commitment.  If I hadn’t been so pressed for time throughout the month I would have recorded the word count of each post as I went along to see just how many words I cranked out. The editor I hired deserves every penny I paid him and an extra special thank you!

It was really hard to have this series running while I was also simultaneously on a Twitter hiatus/detox.  To all the many, many friends, colleagues and others who so graciously shared the posts ~ thank you, thank you, thank you! My website traffic increased so much that my web guy contacted me to find out what was going on (and subsequently increased my bandwidth).

Without further ado… here are links to all 31 posts in the order they were published:

  1. Never Quit Learning: Commit to 12 Books per Year
  2. The Ridiculously Easy Way to Make Conference Calls
  3. Tips to Increase Online Security and Password Management
  4. Energy Saving Devices for Your Home Office
  5. 8 Tips to Get the Most Out of Asana as a Project Management Tool
  6. Save Time by Utilizing Bookmarklets and Chrome Extensions
  7. 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Freshbooks
  8. Schedule Meetings Faster and More Efficiently with TimeTrade
  9. Email Management Tips
  10. The Pros and Cons of Listing Your Rates
  11. 14 Tips for Better Email Communication
  12. The Importance of Building Relationships to Grow Thrive Business Accounting Business
  13. Small Business Bookkeeping Sanity Checklist
  14. Tips for Communicating with Prospective Clients
  15. How Virtual Assistants Can Be Reliable and Proactive
  16. 7 Tips to Become an Advanced Google Drive User (the most popular post based on page views)
  17. Using Google Drive for Real Time Document Collaboration
  18. Solution for File Sharing: Dropbox
  19. Turbocharge Your Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts
  20. Using Checklists to be Better Prepared
  21. 10 Tips for Proactive Testing and Troubleshooting
  22. 9 Tips to Help Get Your Website Found
  23. How Blogging Regularly Can Help Thrive Business Accounting Business
  24. Eleven Tips to Market Thrive Business Accounting Business
  25. Easily Create Online Forms and Accept Payment with JotForm
  26. Makes Real Time Screen Sharing a Breeze
  27. How to Productively Curate and Share Content
  28. How to Maximize Your Billable Hours
  29. Six Reasons to Consider Subcontracting for Another Virtual Assistant
  30. Six Tools and Tips to Build a Strong Team
  31. Building Passive Income

Share with me! What was your favorite post? What did you learn?

And one last reminder that I’ll be teaching the Virtual Assistant Business Jumpstart class through Virtual Assistant Forums starting in March 2014 and we have a few spots open yet.