It’s Tax Time and You’re Probably Stressed

If you’re like most small business owners, especially during this damn time of Covid, you will likely identify with one of the following four statements:

  1. I am on top of my bookkeeping but I’d like an extra set of eyes before my tax return is filed
  2. Welllllllll……I’m not sure things are correct because (a) I didn’t go into business to do bookkeeping (b) the person I hired may not be doing things correctly or (c) I have found mistakes and I know there are probably other ones lurking
  3. Hell no! Everything needs to be done and I plan on filing an extension.
  4. Fuck it. It will be what it is. I don’t care about accuracy or paying unnecessary income taxes to the IRS and State.

No matter how you answered…we have a solution for you. To use a dating analogy: None of the options below lead to marriage. This is just dinner. I’ll come in, address your most pressing problem and we go upon our merry way. If you want to put a ring on it….we’ll talk about that at a later time. 😉

  • If you said yes to #1 then you want our mini audit service at just $197
  • If you said yes to #2 and you’re short on time or don’t care to see all of the mistakes before I fix them then you want our Tax Time Tidy-Up Package
  • If you said yes to #2 but you’d like to work together over Zoom before I do the work then you want to schedule a session here. This session is two hours and at first glance you may be thinking…Two hours? Is she crazy? No, I’m not crazy. We will work together in your Quickbooks Online and we will go over the 25 areas where I often find mistakes. You can then fix the mistakes or you can hire me.
  • If you said to #3 then send me more information through my contact form as this will be a custom project.
  • If you said yes to #4….perhaps you’d like one more tax deduction and a good deed for 2022? Make a donation to Charity Water.

The S-Corp deadline is March 15, 2023 and everything else is April 17, 2023. I’m sure your tax preparer would appreciate a bit of lead time too. So if you want to do this….do it now! (really) I’ve made it as easy as possible for the Mini Audit and the Tax Time Tidy-Up Package and I’ll need just three things from you in order to start work. You can view those three items here.

In the event you’d like funny testimonials from two current clients…..Ellen is a client who joined us in mid-2021 and knew that her previous company was making mistakes. Last week when I started to do the 2021 in-depth review I realized that they miscategorized four of her office rent payments. I let her know so that she could alert her landlord that the 1099 we issued was inaccurate and a revised one would be issued. Her response: “Can I just say, once again, that I’m thrilled to be working with you and not those other idiots???!!! 

Her friend (also our client) that referred her to me saw me post this little story on Facebook and asked if this comment came from her friend and I said yes. She said, “Idiots cannot survive your scrutiny”. 

Idiots or not…we’re here for you.