Deep Dive 25

Why is this called a Deep Dive 25? Because together we will go through the 25 most common areas where mistakes are found in business owner’s financials, many of ​​these with potentially negative tax implications. Our time together will give you peace of mind as to the current condition of your books including identifying potential areas of tax savings or other action items which may include fixes to your current books.

Here are the things we will review:

  • Last year’s financials
  • This year’s financials (if they’re up to date)
  • Look at expenses in a bit more detail
  • Creating custom reports
  • The Chart of Accounts

For us to be a fit you need two things:

  • Be a US based business (subject to US tax laws)
  • Use QuickBooks Online (not Simple Start)

If you said yes to both of those things, please complete the form below to get started: