Congratulations on taking the first step to make sure your books are in order before tax time!

We have designed the Deep Dive 25 process to be as simple as possible, but before we get started with our audit, we need a completed intake form (below):

Complete this intake form

Once we receive your intake form, we will review your bookkeeping and send you an audit report on all 25 reviewed areas–along with a summary of recommendations–within 10 business days*. In order to fulfill our 10 business day deadline, we kindly request that you be available to respond to questions within one business day.

* Note: delivery of audits may be delayed during peak IRS driven deadlines (detailed below). We will try our best to return reports within 10 business days, but may require up to 15 business days for completion.

  • March 1-15
  • April 1-15
  • September 1-15
  • October 1-15
  • December 15-31

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Deep Dive 25 includes a summary of the mistakes and recommended steps to correct, and does NOT include fixing any errors.

  • All information must be submitted within 7 days of payment or the order is forfeited. If you are not able to finish the intake form, you can save your progress and return later–as long as it’s completed within the 7-day timeline.

  • This service is only available for businesses based in the United States who use Quickbooks Online.

We look forward to serving you!