Virtual Bookkeepers Wanted

I’m developing a network of bookkeepers who are taking new clients. I’m incredibly selective with who I work with and can’t say yes to everyone because there aren’t enough hours in the day! If you’re a virtual bookkeeper looking for new clients and interested in being considered as one of my Strategic Partners please fill out this form.

You may be a good fit if:

  • You worked in an office, you’d likely have a title such as “Staff Accountant”
  • You’re obsessed with being efficient and effective
  • You love using technology to automate as much as possible (see the previous item!)
  • You realize bookkeeping is more than entering invoices and doing reconciliations

Interested parties must be in the United States and have several years of hands-on experience with Quickbooks Online. I’d be incredibly grateful if you’d share this post with others who may be interested!

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A bit more detail

Here’s a quick overview of how we envision the selection process of potential strategic partners. Everything is sequential and is intended to help us select the absolute best bookkeepers for our current and future clients. It’s our intent to set our Strategic Partners up for success!

We’ll give you our internal client checklists and notes/other relevant info.


  • Step One: This form
  • Step Two: Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping Skills Assessment (you will be directed to this form after finishing your submission in Step One)
  • Step Three: Phone interview

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do referrals work? We care about “the match”. Our clients will do their own interview to make sure they feel it’s a good fit (personality, availability, experience, etc.).
  • What’s the cost? A referral fee will be due to me at the time a client hires you. You owe absolutely nothing until you’re hired. The standard fee will be $500 per client.
  • I am a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, do I still need to fill out the forms? Yes, it’s our intent that everyone is screened in a consistent fashion.
  • Will I be working for you? No, this is not a subcontracting position. A client would hire you directly. My role is a bit like a matchmaker. You’re looking for clients. The prospective client is looking for a bookkeeper. I make the introduction and let the two of you take it from there.