I’ll admit it. I’m a Mac Wannabe but a PC girl for now. My day revolves around Outlook particularly with my calendar, contacts and emails. Probably about two years ago I somehow stumbled on TwInbox for Twitter and I’ve been using it ever since for my own account in conjunction with MyVBO and Hootsuite. (reviews forthcoming on those two Twitter apps)

What I like best about TwInbox as a Twitter program is the ability to sort my @ replies and DM’s by sender (the same way you are able to do with email messages in Outlook). It is also an easy way for me to keep track of who I still have to reply to when I encounter those days when I’m just a tad too busy with client work or on the weekends when I go offline completely.

Other features of TwInbox as a Twitter Desktop App that I appreciate are

  • Ability to save/archive messages
  • Each Tweet also includes the bio, follower info and other basic user information you see when you are on the web interface. This helps me with newer users to strike up conversations based on their bio data
  • Reply all is also handy and saves me manual entry time when there are multiple people on the original thread
  • It’s free

Two Disadvantages

  • It’s incredibly easy to accidentally @ message someone who sends you a DM
  • It uses a fair amount of resources so I do not have my entire timeline coming into my Outlook – only my DM’s and @ replies ~ sometimes I feel as though I’m missing out on those random tweets that I used to see flying by me when I was using Tweetdeck. (My solution for that is Hootsuite)

TwInbox has other features I’ve never used but are worth checking out

  • Handling multiple accounts (released since I first started using)
  • Keyword searches
  • Graphs (again, new feature)

If you are a power user of Twitter and you really want to make sure you don’t miss anything sent to you, I highly suggest checking out TwInbox.

Be sure to stop by next Monday for the review of Hootsuite. Other Twitter desktop apps that will be reviewed (over the next few weeks) are MyVBO, Seesmic, MarketMeSuite and TweetDeck.

PS: Not related to this post at all but worth mentioning – over the weekend I received notification that my Lenovo All-in-One Desktop giveaway is scheduled for May 4th-8th. If you are in need of a new computer and want to win one I highly suggest signing up for either my Weekly Wednesday (right sidebar) or my RSS Feed. If you want to read my initial first thoughts of the one I received and have been using in my Virtual Assistant business you can read my original post here. (Note regarding the original post – all of the mentioned contests on there are over but the newest batch is starting really soon and I will have a post on that as soon as I get all details with all of the participant information).