Guest Post by Ann Evanston

This is Post Six in the Twitter Desktop Apps and Twitter Tools Series

I’ve been a Twitter user since 2008, and have used Seesmic, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite – MarketMe Suite (MMS) has definitely become my favorite. Hopefully these videos will explain why! I am also an affiliate (only an affiliate to products I know, use and love).  If you decide to purchase MarketMe Suite to help manage your Twitter presence you can use my affiliate link.

Part One of Two (The Basics including signatures and branded tweets)


Part Two of Two (More indepth look at additional features including Facebook)

About Ann:

Ann Evanston, MA, is an international speaker, coach and consultant teaching Empowerment (getting the life you desire), Leadership (knowing your personal power) and Ownership (taking responsibility for what you want). In October 2008 Ann created the Social Networking Coaching Club, a forum where you get personalized support to learn how to stand out among the chatter online and sell more without being a slimy pushy salesperson! In Feb 2008 she was named one of the Top 6 Marketing Consultants on

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