Deep Dive 25 Bookkeeping Audit

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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness clearly didn’t run a business

If you’ve ever logged into QuickBooks, looked around, and wondered… “Am I actually doing this right?” “What reports should I run?” “How should I categorize this expense?”

Well, you’re just like tons of other small business owners.

The reason these Oh sh** moments happen? You’re too busy actually doing the work that brings in revenue to check every last line item of that revenue (and expenses, and assets, and payroll…)

And that’s okay.

What’s NOT okay is covering your eyes, continuing to ignore the lingering feeling that something is off, and hoping your tax preparer will catch any bookkeeping mistakes in April. Because hot tip: They won’t. But we will.

Eagle eyes, meet business books

Mistakes happen (and it’s not your tax preparer’s job to catch them)


Tons and tons of small businesses have errors in their financial books. These problems range from issues dating back to when you first got set up in QuickBooks Online (you watched a few videos and got the hang of it, right?) …

… to as recently as today, when you accidentally (or automatically) mis-categorized an expense as an asset. Yikes, that one’s gonna sting.

Discrepancies in your bookkeeping can point to problems as innocent as erroneous entries, all the way to misapplied funds or even embezzlement. However they happen — and they will — these tiny mistakes can add up over time and grow into huge, hairy problems. Like Sasquatch, or that mole you should really get checked.

Bookkeeping errors can cause you to overpay the IRS, pay vendors or contractors more than you need to, or worst of all, trigger a full-scale IRS audit. Plus, how are you supposed to make sound financial decisions for your business if your books are flakier than a Parisian croissant? Mmm, croissants.


Plus, you have to remember that your tax preparer is reviewing your books during their busiest season. They literally don’t have the time to double-check your work — nor should they have to.

Tax preparers rely on accurate bookkeeping to do their job. Handing them incomplete or inaccurate financial records makes it more difficult to get an accurate return, AND costs you more money in prep fees.

Between saving us money and helping us make money, she has paid for her services many times over. Working with Michelle has been transformative.


Thrive Business Accounting client

We’ll check your work (and have fun doing it)

Introducing the Deep Dive 25 Audit: your easiest way to identify bookkeeping errors, inconsistencies, and other red flags that increase your chances of getting audited. All done for you BEFORE tax season rolls around.

Having worked in bookkeeping for years, we’ve identified 25 common errors in small business books across multiple industries — and turned them into a nifty service that makes it easier to start working with us.

Our Deep Dive 25 Audit service spots potential errors that would increase your taxes and/or audit risk BEFORE TAX SEASON. Sometimes our process even results in finding duplicate expenses that can be eliminated immediately.

How does it feel?

Deep Dive audit clients are often surprised by what we find, even though they suspected something wasn’t quite right. Afterward, they tell us it’s an enormous relief knowing their books are finally accurate.

We discovered one client had been paying for a monthly subscription multiple times. Through our audit process, we identified $2,980 in erroneous charges and helped secure $2,384 in refunds! We found multiple invoicing errors for another client that resulted in a recovery of $58,195!

* This service is only available for businesses based in the United States who use Quickbooks Online.

Space is limited, so book your Deep Dive 25 now!

10 days from now, you could have financial peace of mind

Michelle has streamlined every part of our financial operations, and kept our books in perfect order. The reason our businesses are so well organized and in such great financial shape? That’s an easy one—Michelle.


Thrive Business Accounting client

“OK, I’m sold. How do I get started?”

Great question. To dive into your audit, we need just 3 things from you:

  • Access to your Quickbooks Online accountWell, obviously. This is how we can review the information necessary to complete the audit! Invite us by sending an Accountant user invite from within Quickbooks Online.
  • Payment of $349 — You’re right, a $349 financial audit IS a pretty great deal. To keep it that way, we also have a “Finders, 10% Keepers” clause. This means that in the event we uncover savings during your audit (could be missing revenue, duplicate subscriptions, or entries made incorrectly) we’ll keep 10% of the savings we find. So if we find you $1,000 of extra money, we keep $100. Still an awesome deal.
  • Completed intake form — The instant we get your audit payment, you’ll get access to the Deep Dive 25 intake form. This form asks for basic information and ending balances for your business accounts, so we can compare your bank statements to the balances shown in Quickbooks Online. IMPORTANT: You must submit all requested information within 7 days of payment, or your audit order will be forfeited. If you’re unable to finish the intake form in one sitting (it’s not that long!), you can save your progress and return later.

Finders, 10% Keepers — that cool with you?

In the event that we uncover any savings during your audit (which we hope doesn’t happen!) we’ll keep a 10% commission of those savings. If we find you $1,000, are you willing to give us $100 of that? We think it’s a fair deal.

These “found money” savings typically appear as one of the following bookkeeping errors:

  • Missing revenue (unusual, but it happens) Forget to send that final invoice? Realize you never received payment for that work earlier this year? We’re on the case.
  • Duplicate subscriptionsWe’ll identify ‘em, and in some cases, we can even help you negotiate refunds!
  • Missing tax deductionsBecause it always feels good to (legally) stick it to the IRS.

You could be reviewing your audit results in just 10 days

Once we receive your intake form and have Accountant access to your QuickBooks Online account, we’ll start digging in.

Within 10 business days, we’ll send you an audit report on all 25 reviewed areas and a summary of our recommendations for resolving any uncovered issues. Wanna make absolutely sure we can turn your audit around in 10 business days? Please respond to questions within one business day.

TAX SEASON NOTE: Delivery of audits may be delayed during the peak IRS-driven deadlines listed below and no orders are fulfilled in January. We’ll do our absolute best to still send audit reports within 10 business days, but might require up to 15 business days during these dates. 

February 1-15 | March 1-15 | September 1-15 | October 1-15 | December 15-31 

We’re limbered up & ready to get in there

Michelle is clearly on another level – on top of things like no one else.


Thrive Business Accounting client

Terms, Conditions & Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Who the Deep Dive 25 Audit is for:

Most important: This service is only available for businesses based in the United States who use Quickbooks Online. Why? Because we specialize in QuickBooks Online. If you do your bookkeeping using Freshbooks, Wave, Xero, or chalk on a stone tablet, we can’t help ya.

What you get with this service: The Deep Dive 25 includes a summary of the mistakes and recommended steps to correct. It does NOT include fixing any errors we uncover.

What we need from you to make magic happen: You must submit all requested information within 7 days of payment, or your audit order will be forfeited. If you’re unable to finish the intake form in one sitting (it’s not that long!), you can save your progress and return later. You just need to complete your intake form within that 7-day timeline.

Ask us things!

Have questions? Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to clear up any lingering concerns.

Based on her incredible focus and productivity, she’s a bargain. I was paying more to my accountant to do far less. I don’t worry about the accounting now.

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About Michelle

A QuickBooks ProAdvisor and self-described “money nerd” with over 20 years of experience in various accounting positions, Michelle Mangen prides herself on treating her clients’ businesses as though they were her own. She enjoys finding opportunities to save her clients money by eliminating duplicate or unused monthly subscriptions, renegotiating bank fees and interest rates, and searching for more cost-effective options.

Since starting her business in 2008, Michelle has saved her clients thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars. She discovered $58,195 in missed billings in a single client audit, and regularly finds opportunities to cut out or renegotiate extra fees that add up to hundreds of dollars in savings per year.

Along with helping clients manage their finances by preparing monthly reports and conducting regular financial reviews, Michelle loves to create and optimize systems. Her core strengths are streamlining financial processes, setting up vendor onboarding, monitoring accounts payable/receivable, running and overseeing payroll, and building automatic payment functionality.

Want the financial peace of mind you need to focus on growing your business? Work with Michelle and Thrive Business Accounting.

She is a number genius with a photographic memory. Her systems are solid and clear.

Thrive Business Accounting client

And start sipping a warm, fragrant mug of “I totally got this”